BFFT / Buffet

                      - Architectural educational space

                        of Kazan state university of architecture

                        and engineering (KSUAE)


BFFT.space - studios, gallery, lecture hall, bookstore

The space is currently under construction and it is going to be opened soon.

The processes of architectural planning, interior and graphic design are curated by Ilnar and Rezeda Akhtiamovs (Akhti.com). Later they would also coordinate the whole centre operation

Complex and integrated operation of Akhti.com studios, namely TIArch and ArRis, is to be organised in the “Buffet” space.

Experimental design studio TIArch would settle down there and it will be able to host a bigger number of students, organize workshops and exhibitions, participate in a great number of competitions and awards or even organize their own.

Architectural graphics and drawing studio ArRis might teach students their main tool and “language” in the comfortable conditions on the constant base, as well as expand students drawing possibilities, explore various application spheres, upgrade the graphic quality, maintain architectural graphics diversity.

Architecture, art, photography related exhibitions and projects are to be organised in the BFFT.space gallery. Permanent demonstration of students and studio tutors is supposed to be held there. One of the main aims of this centre is the support of uprising graphic artists, painters and photographers.

The lecture hall of the centre is created as a platform for various architecture related events, both in artistic and scientific fields – lectures, seminars, conferences, workshops, awards and so on.

BFFT.space is based inside the ex-canteen space of KSUAE dispensary, in the main canteen building, but it has separate entrance doors. The renovation goes rapid, so the new cultural centre of Kazan city is to be opened pretty soon.

You can follow the construction process via BFFT.space page on Instagram – www.instagram.com/bfft.space

In parallel with the construction itself, the detailed organisational concept and function program of the centre are executed.

Moreover, the website is in the process of setting up; and sooner there would be a chance to take a look at it by this easy-to-remember address  - www.BFFT.space

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